We're a Co-op based in Salt Lake City, UT!Like a real one, where the workers own everything!

We believe the most effective software is written by People That Care™. Not just about getting a paycheck, or completing the tasks they've been assigned, but about the client's problem being solved and the company itself succeeding. This isn't a new observation, software companies in particular know this well and have tried everything from bonuses to profit sharing to Employee Stock Options in an attempt to harness some of that legendary Startup Energy©. We believe the answer to this is obvious, let the laborers own the output of their work and they will inevitably be invested in it. Our goal with this model is to attract the absolute best talent and ensure that we can meet any of the needs of our clients.

Andrew Noyes
Andrew NoyesWorker owner

What I love most about software, and technology in general, is the breadth of industries it can be applied to solve problems. I've been fortunate enough to work across a number of these industries from transmission line engineering to tinkering with image cytometers in biotech. These experiences taught me the importance of working with the user during planning, design, and development. The best solutions are crafted iteratively to ensure the end user's needs are being met and their problems are actually being solved.

Matthew Monahan
Matthew MonahanWorker owner

I went into college planning on getting a Biology degree and working in a lab doing what I assured myself would be important work. I have always loved computers and helped run the Gaming and Programming club in High School but for some reason never considered it a career path, that all changed after I took an intro CS course my sophomore year. I loved the ideas and the ability to make tools to solve problems so much I switched majors that semester and haven't looked back.