Web AppsThe future is web!

Due to the increasing capabilities of browsers, Web Apps are now able to solve more problems than ever before. One of the major perks of web apps is that customers can get a running instance of your product just by navigating to a page, no installation necessary. Furthermore technologies like Electron and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have made it possible to leverage the benefits of Web Apps in a more traditional feeling package with offline functionality. Using web-tech to build your app is one of the easiest ways to maintain a high level of agility as well as ensuring your clients are always using the latest version of your app without annoying updates that interrupt their productivity.

Mobile AppsComplex interactivity!

These days almost no technology is as familiar to users as Mobile apps. User's commonly search the app store for solutions to their problems and, unlike with some other platforms, an app store can market your app for you! Mobile apps also benefit from the tremendous amount of contextual data provided to them from the user's phone, be it something passive like location or the ability to have users take photos and receive notifications. Mobile apps are at the forefront of cutting edge user experiences and can arguably create a more intimiate experience than any other platform.

Desktop AppsPowerful tooling!

For some scenarios, such as deployments that might interact with on-site equipment, Desktop apps provide an easier workflow than other platforms. Desktop apps also provide a user with much more screen real estate which makes it easier for powerful or data-intensive tools with complex UIs to remain usable.

Cross PlatformRun anywhere!

Cross-Platform apps let users interact with your app wherever they are. In many cases a Web app designed as a PWA will provide many of the same benefits, but even today there are still speed and aesthetic benefits to having natively implemented Cross-Platform apps. Among these are the fact that you get to take advantage of platform specific capabilities and potentially do things like configure the host.

Backend ApplicationsIntegrate with your systems

Some companies already have complex systems deployed and need to provide an API in front of them so that they can use their capabilities in an app. Others have the ability to make their own frontend applications but need assistance making a backend that can support them at scale. Regardless of the scenario we can help you build the systems you and your customers need.